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BERT, 42
BERT, 42
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what am I doing here?

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Our Philosophy

Counting the days until Friday… counting the weeks until a holiday… counting the months until summer… counting the years until retirement… chasing luxury and status… wasting a lifetime and risking health… Thank you very much, but we are no longer interested in participating in this exploitative lifestyle anymore. 


Three years ago we both left the comfort zone of this largely “zombified” society and it’s depressing, predetermined processes, and we don’t regret this decision for a second. More than ever we understand what a great gift Life is, full of endless opportunities. We prefer to be free and independent like this, loving our simple and nomadic lifestyle.


Both Elena and myself sail and dive, we love to travel and explore new countries and experience local cultures. We love being near, in, under and on the water. A deep wanderlust grows increasingly louder, calling us to the most remote places, far off the beaten track and crowded paths of mass tourism. 


After spending many years until now, traveling over nearly 29 percent of the world’s landmass, it's time for us now to get acquainted with the rest of this beautiful planet, as we enter the highest form of freedom. 

This is our vision. This is our project. Welcome to  #SailLiliput  -  Our Goal is to inspire You..!


Project Liliput


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