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Beach Clean Up​`s

"Water is my element. I feel good there. This is why I sail and dive. Seeing plastic and garbage littered throughout the oceans of the world and marine animals dying due to pollution, deeply affects me and hurts my soul. That is why my mission will be to organize beach clean ups and spread awareness across the World, along our journey, wherever necessary and however possible" // SailorBert

Become Godfather of one of my BEACH CLEAN UPS. I will organize everything on site and motivate at least 10 people. In one day, in your or on behalf of your company, we cleanse a garbage-strewn beach of washed-up filth. We guarantee to collect at least 50 kilos of (Plastic)Garbage and bring it to the local waste disposal or recycling. Do something good for our planet & support me and make mine, to Your, to our mission..!?


Your BEACH CLEAN UP will be clearly marked with your logo/ name. You get professional photos and videos for your marketing. The event will be duly mentioned across all of our fast growing social media channels, our Blog & E-Mail Newsletter (2 x Facebook, 1 x Instagram & 1 x YouTube Channel V-Log).

Beach Clean Up:
Organizing & Running in your Name

1 Full Day, 1.000€
inkl. professional Photos & Footage
& all Media Channels Mentioning 

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