Elena's Cooking Book

Cooking on a (Sailing) Boat...

... is subject of some very special challenges!

On a boat you`ll preferably buy long lasting groceries. You maybe do not have a freezer. You maybe do not even have a fridge or, due to energy management, not a really (all time) cold one. Due to limited space you are may not equipped like at a home kitchen, plus cooking and eating on a floating home is different than in a house and can sometimes be (not unsolvable) challenging. 

… offers you unique & tasty options: 
You can catch and cook fresh fish and harvest fresh seafood every day (surely depends on your fishing skills!). You will have access to  new, exotic, local ingredients (vegetables, fruits & spices). After all you will have the best view every single day absolutely for free!

As a passionate cook with quite high expectations, Elena was completely unsatisfied how the search for a cookbook, customised for sailboat liveaboards, has ended. So Elena decided to just write her own and share her tasty & smart homemade creations with you. 

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