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Elena, a Model, Designer & Dog Lover (Guliver) from Russia. Made her working path raising to a Head of Sales Department in one of the Russian biggest Media Companies. Taking advantage of a turning point in her career, she undertook a long journey around Europe & Asia that fed her sensitivity with fresh Impressions and get lead to establish her own Jewelry Brand. After 5 years spent in Switzerland, she took a pause and came to Thailand in early 2017 to reflect and find herself again.

Bert, a former Business Counselor and Company Founder from Germany. Has already lived & worked in 4 different Cities. Terminated his previous "perfect" Life after returning from his first Backpacking Trip in Life at the Age of 39, signed out and left Germany by One Way Ticket to Asia a few Months later. Came to Thailand late 2016, was open for everything and expecting nothing.

04.04.2017, a Tinder-Date went wrong. After years of traveling the World’s Landmass, it’s now time for both to get acquainted with the rest of this beautiful, blue Planet and enter the highest Form of Freedom & Independency.


In June 2019 we bought a Sailing Catamaran and named it Liliput. >Liveabord-Sailing the World together< This is our Vision. This is our Project. Welcome to #SailLiliput"


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