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Become Crew

Don`t wait until Retirement. The Time of your Life is right now and only You (should) determine the Content. Become Part of the Team. Become Family of Liliput. Travel the World far off the beaten track and crowded paths of mass tourism with us & experience the Liveaboard Lifstyle of ultimative Freedom and Independency.


Interested to become part of the Team and Sail the World with us? Write us an E-Mail or send a Introduction Video with your Wishes and Imaginations:


Cabin Charter:  (Team)

Double Cabin,  30 Days,   3.000 €

Double Cabin,  90 Days,   9.000 €

Double Cabin, 180 Days, 18.000 €    


Price/ Person in 1 Double Cabin incl. Food & Drink. 2nd Person you bring (Couples) get 50% Discount. 

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