Hi, I'm Bert

AGE:                             45
PROFESSION:           Business 

QUALIFICATION:      6 of the 8 German
                                     Sailing Licenses, 

                                     Yachtmaster Coastal
                                     Sailing Instructor

                                     Transatlantic 2014,

                                     Rescue Diver

LANGUAGES:            German & English

LOGGED MILES:      >10.000 NM
SKILLS:                       Fishing, Writing, 

PHILOSOPHY:          Nomad


My story begins in early 2016, when for the first time in my life I flew across the world to backpack across New Zealand and all through Southeast Asia. After three months, I returned to my home country of Germany with a brand new perspective and heightened awareness of humanity and life on this planet. I also had a ton of questions about my own life and where I was going with it. I resolutely decided to end my successful career as a Business Consultant and proceeded to pack up my spacious apartment in order to pursue what had now become paramount to me. Within 90 days I had completely signed out of Germany and had reduced my worldly possessions to fit into a 45 liter backpack, ending my comfortable life as I knew it. Shortly before my 40th birthday I arrived in Bangkok, on September 11th, 2016 with a one-way ticket and a plan to travel the surrounding countries in depth to discover what was next for me. 


I traveled to Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, staying in each place for up to a month; immersing myself in the local culture and discovering my deep love of the ocean. In January 2017, after months of traveling, I settled in Rawai, on the southern tip of Phuket, Thailand, for a period of recreation and reflection on my journeys so far. During this time I was connected with some wonderful people who gave me the opportunity to learn more in depth about sailing and diving, becoming fast friends for life. This is also where I met my partner, who I was pleasantly surprised to find, shares a similar vision with me. And so began a new partnership of discovery together.


I have in fact been sailing since 2008 and have so far obtained six of the eight possible sailing licenses from Germany. By 2014 I had already crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sailboat --truly, the best trip of my life!  More recently, in September 2017, I trained for six months in the waters surrounding the beautiful island of Phuket, to be certified as an IYT Yachtmaster & Sailing Instructor, up to Bareboat Skipper level. I am currently, teaching part-time as a Yachtmaster and Instructor in one of Phuket’s most established sailing schools. Furthermore, I regularly organize and skipper individual private sailing trips in the Andaman Sea, as I complete my Dive Master certification.


In late 2019 I plan to buy a sailing Catamaran, with the goal to fulfill a dream: liveaboard sailing and diving the world while training people to become internationally certified sailors in authentic circumstances, with genuine sailing experience as they accompany us on our journey. 


Most importantly, i vow to stay true to my mission:

Water is my element. I feel good there. This is why I sail and dive. Seeing plastic and garbage littered throughout the oceans of the world and marine animals dying due to pollution, deeply affects me and hurts my soul. That is why my mission will be to organize beach clean ups and spread awareness across the World, along our journey, wherever necessary and however possible"  Sailor Bert


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