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Hi, I'm Elena

AGE:                             38 
PROFESSION:           Jewellery Designer

QUALIFICATION:      Bareboat Skipper (IYT) 

                                      Adv. Open Water Diver

LANGUAGES:            Russian & English

LOGGED MILES:       < 2.000 NM
SKILLS:                        Social Media Specialist,

PHILOSOPHY:           Nomad


Hi everyone! I’m 37 y.o. Elena. Born & raised in the heart of Russia - Novosibirsk, but already second year I wake up every day kissed by the sun under coconut palms on a beautiful tropical Island. 

Before my moving to Asia, I spend 8 years in the largest media agency of Russia working as Head of Sales. Then moved & lived 5 years in Switzerland, making acting&modeling. Meanwhile managed to graduate 3 diplomas (Economist, Interior Designer & Jeweller Master). I’m a professional photographer, became a social MediaMarketing Specialist, working online in projects for international clients during my travels and last but not least, I created & later established my small jewellery brand (www.nownessjewels.com) after my first solo-backpacking trip around South-East Asia 3 years ago. I’m so grateful for such a lot of great adventures & experience - believe me, much more you’d need for a fantastic bestseller novel! (for sure it’s one of my next projects ;-))

Many years ago, when first time i saw the ocean across the pond, i realised one thing: I belong to the Sea and from this moment i wanted to live at Seashore. If you can name what you want & where you want to be, work hard & pay the price, soon or later you’ll be there. Every day now I wake up under those beautiful palms, hugging my beloved man (who introduced me to yachting btw) and my small & loyal chocolate doggy Guliver, who accompanies me since 5 years in good and less-good times on all of my travels all over the world. 

Finally the Sea turned out exactly that missing element for realising how simply happy life can be and how less you really need for it. Nowadays I’m a certificate International IYT Bareboat Skipper and a novice Padi Advanced Open Water Diver but starving for more Sea.

Together we recently decided that now it is Time to make the next Step and begin a new Chapter: Just started to work on the Plan to buy a Yacht and sailing to the last real remote Places on this beautiful Planet! You are very welcome to follow me here on our Project #SAILtheWORLD2020!

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