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7000 islands (part 1)

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

End of April, 2019. After not much successful researching of our boat, we took a break and went to a long before prepared holiday to the Philippines. 3 weeks of exploring, sailing, diving, beaching and doing nothing. The main rule of the holiday was having NO plans, No bookings, NO expectations.

Watch the whole story here:

No urban life

It's almost impossible to avoid visiting Manila City as there is the main international Airport. So I booked only the first night in Manila to have some rest after 2 flights.

airport, couple at the airport

The capital is a capital: crazy traffic with those loud "tuk-tuk" drivers, stone jungle of skyscrapers with an endless amount of department stores and business centers along with very poor local people living just in the streets. We wanted to see something authentic and in the next morning we woke up early and went to the bus station for heading to the north-west of the island.

Made by a Filipino for the Filipino

My personal entertainment in every country is traveling by public transport. Philippines weren't an exception. I heard one phrase: "Made by a Filipino for the Filipino" that speaks by itself about very special modes of transportations you find only in the Philippines. The city's bus called as "jeepney" we just watched in the streets of the big cities: seems like every driver express his personal taste and creativity in the interior of their vehicles. More a customized sort of Taxi - a Tricycle - it`s useful for short destinations and make you wondering, how is it possible that Filipinos can travel by companies up to 7 persons inside one tricycle.

tricycle, beach, vegan, philippines
tricycle - Filipino version of "tuk-tuk"

Travel like a local - Vegan City

You wont find this spot in the travel guides for usual tourists. On the north-west of Luzon island there is one of the surviving historic city that dates back to the 16th century Spanish colonial period. Nowadays it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to it's unique architecture (an echo of the colonial era). Why I said that it's a local landmark? - Because for three days, that we spent there, we met maximum 2 western tourists per day, the rest - was local travelling Filipino people.

vigan, bridge
welcome to Vigan

old streets, vigan, unesco
Vigan's streets

old streets, vigan, unesco

To see the whole city from the bird hight means to find the highest point as an old watchtower.

city's cemetery

bantay watchtower built to lookout for invading pirates

the bell built in 1591

You can't avoid to spoil yourself with the local "Empanadas"!

Difficult choice. We tried them all! Don't ask me how we felt after diner.

Another of my favorite things-to-do in a new country is finding a local museum where I can look at an ordinary life of locals in the past. In Vigan you can fly back in time. Just go inside Syquia Mansion Museum built in 1830.

the view from the master bedroom

wooden sculpture in the living room

The full tour you can watch in our video "The Philippines. Part I"

Your private beach

Escaping the crowd to find a private beach with no one. Only gentle waves, black sand, beautiful sunset and total solitude. It was one of the highlights of our trip.

Chocolate Hills - Bohol Island

Some touristic actions on Bohol island. But it's definitely worth to spend 2 hours one-way to see this unique landscapes.

A small band of young Filipinos playing a public concert.

That was our first 1,5 week in 5 minutes. Thank you for watching! Please feel free to ask if you have questions 😊


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