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New Oriental Jewellery Collection

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

As far as I remember myself I was always fascinated by the colors and different patterns. I grew up between two cultures (russian and tatar) on the territory of the USSR. Regular traveling by train to Kazakhstan for spending summer holidays with my oriental relatives surrounded by international friends from all over the biggest country in the world - that was my soviet childhood.

I remember all those exotic languages, features and appearances, smells, tastes, fabrics and traditions. Buryatias, Tajiks, Kazakhs, being in the middle of the eastern bazar (market) somewhere in Central Asia.

My heart forever belongs to that multicultural life and maybe that's why I only find myself happy while being on the road⛵️

Please welcome my new woven collection of beaded jewelry I dedicate to Uzbekistan culture.


Every jewelry is one-of-a-kind piece totally handcrafted by me on our boat S/V Liliput during the sailing trips and demands many hours of delicate work. You can order it via my online shop on our homepage but please allow me first to check about the time of delivery as I never know where we’ll be sailing. Pre-orders are available!

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