Dream v.s. THE REALITY

Updated: 4 days ago

[deutsche version nachfolgend] If you see our consistently positive contributions and the postcard-related photos on our social media channels, you might think that our current life on board of S.V. Liliput is an endless lick of sugar without any consequences.

"You live the dream" was the short comment from friends, acquaintances and project followers, to read already a few times under some of our posts.

"Repairing the boat in exotic places" would probably be the best describe what we have been doing practically continuously for 7 months now, since we became (as my father once called us) “poor boat owners”.

A budget of 20, maximum 30,000 euros was planned for the up-to-date bringing and sea-safety-making of Liliput. In the meantime, the boat devoured around 100,000 euros and drove me into massive debt to live this so-called "Dream".

The January 2020 balance:

100 Hours Service both Engines, Parts only € 50

Labour, thanks to YouTube instructions € 0 (Selfmade)

New Anchor Winch Motor € 1.000

New block for the Headsail € 50 (2nd hand)

New 20 Meter Rope for the Headsail € 250

New Cooling System for the Port Engine € 1.500

My two investments for old age are already liquefied and unfortunately melt away much too quickly for our daily eating and drinking. Realistically speaking, this puddle is dry in about 4-6 months. & THEN WHAT…!?