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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

.. is nothing and the more something seems like it is, the more wary you should be! you may have experienced the internet from its very beginning when everything was without any structure and far away from a bigger plan but nowadays, everything you supposedly get offered for free, someone is going to earn - maybe not from the beginning but definitely at one point and quite sure, not just a little.

but how anyone else can earn, if you don’t pay? you do! just not direct. not with cash or virtual money from your bank account. the keywords are targeting advertisement and personal informations.

in the online world, every single click, every like and even the time you stay before you surf on is a valuable information and got collected diligent by the so called cookies. intelligent computer algorithms evaluate these data and just after a few hours in there online world, they already know you better than your best friend does after years and they are able to and definitely will use this information to manipulate you. think this. like this. hate this. buy this and trust (only) us..!

you may think, you are immune against this manipulation!? you are not! google, facebook, instagram, twitter & Co. earn billions every year, even no consumer pays a penny direct to them but the industry does and do you think they would transfer even a dime without anything in return!?

to make a sailing liveaboard life possible, most people worked their whole life hard in their jobs, made many efforts and saved all possible money to live their dream one day, at least for a few months or maybe even years between retirement and dead.

some people are millionaires and can easily effort a luxury sailboat newest generation, pay for the maintenance of the boat and even for a fancy lifestyle. no need to work anymore, others do it for them.

we are more than 25 years away from retirement. (with no pension to expect!) we worked 20 & 10 years hard. saved as much as we needed to get a loan for the other half to buy S.V. Liliput and make our dream come true but that means, we have to work every single day for our living, for all maintenance the boat permanently needs and pay the monthly interest of our loan until we sell (i hope voluntary) the boat and be able to pay back the owe. waiting for retirement to make our dream come true, never was an option, not for the both of us.

for sure, going the conservative is the safer way but there is always the risk you waste your whole life suffering for your dream and will never reach it because of health or over the time growing doubts and fears to risk your over many years build up safe&secure comfort&wealth or the many other circumstances you have no influence on it - because nothing is more sure than the definitely coming global changes..!?

our (business)plan was to generate income thru:


this is the main reason why we invested in a catamaran with 2 guest cabins and even build in a new head & sink in the private guest-starboard hull.


bert already made 3 of 4 necessary licenses to become a dive master/ dive guide.


bert made his IYT sailing instructor license 2 years ago that allow him to train and certify students up to bareboat skipper level.


elena studied over months online several courses to become a video creator & editor and a social media specialist.


to become a interesting partner for the industry we need to gain our sm-media audience. currently we are able to reach >300K people/ months over all our channels but there is still very much space for growing - even we grow quite fast: see our media data:

number 1-3 unfortunately is eliminated due to regional law restrictions. as foreigner we are not allowed to work legally in the countries we currently sail and due to visa laws & restrictions we are forced to leave the country every 30 days. with money we could start a company and buy special visas but we speak about a lot of money (5 digit sums of US$/ year) what we just don`t have. so we completely focus on number 4 and hope, before we run out of our last savings, for number 5 to hit in.

our sailing channel is our both passion and our daily focussed work and we have already started, as important part of our business plan, long time before we even bought the boat by online studying and learning all about the necessary equipment, the techniques, the editing, the copyrights for footage & music, the permanent changing algorithms of the video platforms and the massive amount of all time developing social media marketing strategies and so on & on ..

we love it but we also do this as work. we do this for earning money. we could do this for free but only until we run out of our very last savings and therefore also our time to produce our videos - but we`d prefer to go on entertaining you, maybe even inspire you to follow YOUR dream against all odds than being forced spending our (life)time in a save life, working in an office, for a millionaire, for his dream and the maintenance of his luxury sailboat and fancy lifestyle. #NOPE

we have put all in to make our dream come true but as you for sure already know, nothing is for free in this world and everything connected to sailing is at least 3 times the regular price because everyone thinks who owns a boat is automatically a millionaire and do not have to take care about spending money.

WE WILL GO ON! working every day hard to keep our dream afloat & we highly appreciate your helping support. not for free. but for your personal entertainment and the inspiration to try to make, even your wildest dreams come true one day. SO, are YOU coming on a journey with us..??

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My Mission: "Water is my element. I feel good there. This is why i sail and dive. Seeing plastic and garbage littered throughout the oceans of the world and marine animals dying due to pollution, deeply affects me and hurts my soul. That is why my mission will be to organize BEACH CLEAN UP`s and spread awareness across the World, along my journey, wherever necessary and however possible" SailorBert

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