hey SailorBert, i got a HOOKAH for you..

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

..was the first i heard, when i recently answered a call from my old friend makz who develops and builds the #HOOKAH`s for #AQUAIR, based in ao yon bay, phuket, thailand.

„i never ever before heard about a hookah! - so WHO or W H A T is it..!??“

meet the hookah:

the hookah apparatus enables you to breathe during all your necessary works under water such as hull cleaning, rudder & prop works, replacing sacrificial anodes etc. & absolutely no diving experience is required..!!

a few days later we met and i got a hookah aboard s.v. liliput. usually i`m not keen at all being forced to free my props or rudders from during sailing caught fishing nets & ropes or to clean my hulls from blind passengers slowing us down but this time, i have to admit, i was a bit looking forward to test this 2 shoebox size big apparatus. even i am a certified diver and have all necessary equipment inclusive scuba tanks aboard, i usually clean my hulls with mask & snorkel only. s.v. liliput`s draft is just 1 meter, i`m able to hold my breath for like 20-30 seconds and working in full scuba gear is quite uncomfortable. (yes, i have tried it before)

testing the hookah:

nice bay, sunny day, beautiful clear water and 2 dirty hulls. luckily nothing caught with my props/ rudders within the last 2 weeks sailing and as i replaced my anodes just a few months ago, its now time for some under water hull-care.

placing the hookah where it can breathe clean air. plug in. switch it on, wait 30 seconds until pressure is build up & go. besides descending and breath in and out, that is all you need to do - and the compressor is also surprisingly silent, i could not even hear it from the side of my boat. (over water)

my personal opinion about the hookah:

it saved me 1 hour

usually it takes me 3 hours to clean both of the 44 feet hulls of S.V. Liliput.

much less exhausting

descending & ascending and doing focusing & physical work under water during holding your breath is quite stressful. staying under water, relax and just do your work is much less exhausting than the way i use to do it before. i`m just 45 years old and in good physical condition but most sailors i know are older and will definitely appreciate the support of the hookah - even more than i already do.

great option

people without propper scuba or free diving skills will definitely love it and are not forced to pay professional divers for under water work on their boats anymore.

more independency. more security in emergency.

even far away from shore you are able to get your maneuverability back. you can get blocked rudder(s) or prop(s) free from caught fishing nets, ropes and woven rice-sacks (most likely catch here in se-asia) quite easy by yourself.


i`d love to, i can just not afford it. s.v. liliput`s standing rigging is 16 years old and need to get replaced ASAP. so this is at the moment for what we save all the money we can do somehow without but ..

..it was a great experience to test it, a huge relieve cleaning my hulls with hookah support and i am very happy to know that such apparatus exits - i just hope i can afford one, before i really need one..!




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