hey SailorBert, i got a HOOKAH for you..

Updated: 4 days ago

..was the first i heard, when i recently answered a call from my old friend makz who develops and builds the #HOOKAH`s for #AQUAIR, based in ao yon bay, phuket, thailand.

„i never ever before heard about a hookah! - so WHO or W H A T is it..!??“

meet the hookah:

the hookah apparatus enables you to breathe during all your necessary works under water such as hull cleaning, rudder & prop works, replacing sacrificial anodes etc. & absolutely no diving experience is required..!!

a few days later we met and i got a hookah aboard s.v. liliput. usually i`m not keen at all being forced to free my props or rudders from during sailing caught fishing nets & ropes or to clean my hulls from blind passengers slowing us down but this time, i have to admit, i was a bit looking forward to test this 2 shoebox size big apparatus. even i am a certified diver and have all necessary equipment inclusive scuba tanks aboard, i usually clean my hulls with mask & snorkel only. s.v. liliput`s draft is just 1 meter, i`m able to hold my breath for like 20-30 seconds and working in full scuba gear is quite uncomfortable. (yes, i have tried it before)

testing the hookah:

nice bay, sunny day, beautiful clear water and 2 dirty hulls. luckily nothing caught with my props/ rudders within the last 2 weeks sailing and as i replaced my anodes just a few months ago, its now time for some under water hull-care.

placing the hookah where it can breathe clean air. plug in. switch it on, wait 30 seconds until pressure is build up & go. besides descending and breath in and out, that is all you need to do - a