How to create a VIMEO sailing channel in a few simple steps

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Yes, we’ve been there: we started a sailing channel on YT, invested all our time, power and resources, in sake of expressing ourselves, gaining followers and getting a decent reward for all those efforts. After one year of everyday hard working (producing, editing, promoting) we’ve reached more than 3000 followers, our channel got monetised and just before the first payout of $100 we’ve been blocked. BOOM! We’ve already written here why and what we tried to do, and also we shared our new strategy. Well, let’s go straight to the point.

While the rest of thousands sailing channel fighting with the algorithm for the views and subscribers on YT, we’ll show you an alternative efficient way to promote your sailing videos and earn real money just right after you upload your videos.

How does it work

There is important difference between YT and Vimeo.

By contrast with YT and it’s annoying advertisements (except you pay monthly membership fee), Vimeo doesn’t offer this option. But in addition to hosting videos directly on their site, Vimeo offers an On Demand platform, where creators can sell their videos and earn 90% of the income (note: with YT you earn only 68% by filling up your channel with Google Ads).

How much I can earn on Vimeo

Mostly it depends on you and your marketing skills.

Forget about algorithm and quantity. Concentrate on quality.

Some numbers: since we’ve moved our channel SailLiliput with 13 episodes, at that moment, to Vimeo, we’ve already sold 81 single videos and earned $70 just in 1 month (let’s compare with YT where we spend 1 year and earned $80 that we still can’t get) and it’s just a beginning!

Does it have sense for you?

For us - definitely!

Before you start selling your videos

Step 1 - create a Vimeo account and upgrade your account level.

Step 2 - create a Video On Demand (VOD) account.

How to create a VIMEO sailing channel

Note: you don’t sell the videos directly from Vimeo, but you can gain subscribers, your potential audience, for converting them into buyers in the future.

1. Go to Vimeo and sign up.

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2. Head over to your Vimeo settings (click on the user icon at the top right of the screen and than click “Edit profile”)

3. Fill out the details of your account: Bio, About, Location, Vimeo URL, Your website. Add a short introduction to your BIO and later you should add here the link to your VOD page.

4. Head to your appearance settings (click on the user icon at the top right of the screen and than click “View profile”) Add a channel icon and cover video.

Don’t upload any videos here as you’re going to sell them via VOD. After you setting up your VOD account, the video trailers will appear here automatically.

How to create a VIMEO On demand account in a few steps

Note: to access Vimeo On Demand and start selling your videos directly to your audience, you need to upgrade your account level.

Step 1: Upgrade to Vimeo PRO, Business, or Premium

What is the advantage of each of them you can read here. Vimeo Business is optimal for us with the possibility for selling and the uploading limit of 20Gb per week.

Step 2: Create your Vimeo On Demand title

Once you’ve upgraded, you’re going to create a new Vimeo On Demand title here. Additionally you have to decide if you’re selling a single video or series of episodes. It’s totally up to you. And connect your PayPall account as well.

Step 3: Customise your title

You need to fill up the following:

  • Basic Info:

Add a title, description, please year, genre and tags.

  • Distribution:

Here you choose the release date, pre-order or ready to sell option. Then choose the region and make a custom URL

  • Pricing:

Next you need to decide if you want to offer your work for Rent, to Buy, or both.

Set your prices, choose any additional settings (such as rental period or available regions), preferable currency or add some bonus features.

  • Video:

Upload your trailer and featured video(s) directly to the VOD page.

  • Bonus:

Bonus content is free by default, but you can choose to put it behind the paywall on a video-by-video basis. You can also offer your VOD without this option. Again its up to you.

  • Appearance:

Then upload a poster and customise the On Demand page to perfectly match your work.

  • Details:

Give the credits to the participants if necessary.

And you are ready to publish and start selling!

Just click “Publish page and videos” at the right upper corner of the screen.

Step 4: Start to share your VOD pages

Spread the word to your potential audience via social media channels, email, messengers and whatever other methods you prefer. The marketing strategy is up to you!

Step 5: Get paid

Vimeo email you every time you make a sale, and you'll get 90% of your sales after transaction fees in a PayPal payment once a month.

Vimeo gives you flexibility in setting up your VOD pages. You can add as much videos as you want (but pay attention to your weekly limit according to the plan you chose), you can sell episode separately or by the seasons, you can give your work for streaming for 1 day, 1 week, 1 year etc Just create a marketing strategy and follow your own rules!

See you on Vimeo!


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