how to naturally cure seasickness

Updated: Jun 14

Already after my first sailing trip, I’ve discovered 50 shades of seasickness.

I know very well the feeling of lying down in a cockpit, while the boat passing by incredibly beautiful places and I give a total sh*t hugging a bucket and trying to fall asleep again, praying that it will finish soon or later and I’ll survive at the end.

As a passionate adventurer, I refuse to let seasickness stop me from living the life I love.

And after months of research, reading hundreds of articles, and trying out everything for myself, I deduced the ideal formula for how to get over it in a natural way (it’s important).

So here is my 3 tips guide on how to naturally hack seasickness.

Tip #1: Fresh ginger

One of the most ancient roots, well-known in Ayurveda for dozens of different purposes is ginger!

It is one of the healthiest spices, full of nutrients and bioactive compounds that have many benefits for our body and brain.

Make a hot tea using sliced fresh ginger. Add a teaspoon of honey and fresh lime juice. Doesn’t matter when you take it, I usually make a cup just after feeling the first symptoms of dizziness.

Lifehack: If you’re run out of fresh root, simply use a ginger powder that you can buy in pills or in tea bags. There is no difference in efficiency and dry powder you can keep for years!

Tip #2: Essential oils

Essential oils are a form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. I usually use Ginger and Peppermint EOs.

Simply add one to two drops of Ginger oil and the same amount of Peppermint oil on the napkin/ a cotton pad or just on a blister. Place it on your skin close to your nose to inhale the smell.