how we produce our sailing videos

Updated: 4 days ago

quite often we receive questions from you about what kind of equipment and software we are using for producing our videos. In this article I compiled what we have for the moment.

at the very beginning (you can check out the footage in our first four episodes) I used what I already had. Just a big serious camera that I traveled with for many years: Canon EOS 5D Mark III together with the glass Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L II. Beautiful smooth image, amazing work with the manual focus but, damn, so heavy and with the terrible sound without an output microphone.

after careful research I decided to change my whole photo arsenal in favour of SONY:


today in all my vlogs I’m using only these two cams:

1. Sony Alpha a64OO Mirrowless Camera. This one is perfect for single-handed video capture thanks to its 180-degree screen (yes, now you know why I chosen this model actually)) and eye-detect autofocus..

2. Acting cam GoPro Hero 7 that makes our underwater filming is so easy and ready for publishing without any serious post-production.