I made my first jewellery for men

Updated: Jan 7

Creating jewellery, along with traveling were my greatest passion for many years while I was living in Europe. I’ve been studying jewellery making in one of Russians oldest Academies in Moscow and farther along increased my skills in creating soutache jewellery (medieval handcrafted technique from France) that all together leaded me to start my own brand of custom handcrafted jewellery: NownessJewels.

My main-interest was around vintage style but in my own modern interpretation. I’m fond of the idea of recycling jewellery and tried to use unique vintage findings, trophies hunted by me on the flea-markets during traveling around Europe, or different natural materials.

After changing my life on 180 degrees and moving to Asia, I had to put this passion on pause for a while. Together with Bert we’ve started our sailing project SailLiliput and I simply didn’t know how to include jewellery making in my new lifestyle. But to tell the truth the hunger for expressing myself in creating unique handmade pieces with time has been only increased.

Once I woke up with the idea to make a special present to my husband - to create the first ever bracelet for a man.

I took out the Rudraksha beads which I brought from Bali and chose some bright colours of soutache cord that would highlight his extraordinary style. The bracelet looked very unusual, colourful and immediately attracted everyone’s attention. As Bert since that has never put it off, I take it as the compliment. With time the colours slightly lost the saturation because of the sun and salt water impact and right now the bracelet matches just perfectly!

So I said to myself, ‘Why not?’ Thus NownessJewels line has been expanded with men jewellery!

For creating Rudra Bracelets I’m using very special Rudraksha beads, that is the dry seeds from the Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus). In Sanskrit language, Rudra is one more name for god Shiva and the meaning of “ksha” is “teardrops”, thus Rudraksha can be translated as “teardrops of Shiva” These beads have been worn by Sages, Mystics and Yogis from India, Nepal, China and across Asia since ancient Vedic times for their profound spiritual significance and powerful healing properties. By wearing Rudraksha beads against the skin it is believed:

  • to increase the ability to focus;

  • to balance the mind and emotions;

  • to improve memory;

  • to relieve stress and anxiety;

  • to strengthen the heart;

  • to bestow divine protection;

  • to increase abundance and prosperity.

I believe that wearing Rudra Bracelets gradually release oneself from the fluctuating emotions and protect against physic disturbances.

To be presented Rudra Bracelet is a great blessing, a shield against negative energies and also it is a talisman for good luck.

Each bracelet is one-of-a-kind piece totally handcrafted by me on our boat S/V Liliput during the sailing trips and demands many hours of delicate work. You can order it via my online shop on Etsy but please allow me to check first about the time of delivery as I never know where we’ll be sailing. Pre-orders are available!

If you like the idea, I’ll be very happy to create one especially for you!

Here you can find the link to my shop where I collect the orders or you can simply right an email me: nowness.jewels@gmail.com

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