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[deutsche version nachfolgend] elena and i have been traveling the world for many years. together we travel for 3 years and for 3 months we travel together on liliput. a new country and its culture are most quickly experienced by the thirst for adventure and most intensively by its people and, as passionate connoisseurs that we both are, in a culinary way.

our circle of friends and acquaintances, meanwhile, spreads to almost the entire world thanks to our numerous trips. many of the invitations we have already said we will follow and also liliput is always open to all exceptional people. those we`ve already met and the many who will hopefully enrich our future journeys and make our shared adventures & experiences unforgettable.

if, 5 star resort, all inclusive, international buffet, tour guide, private beach, heated pool, organized excursions to the region's attractions sounds inviting to you, better continue to have a travel agency organized your annual 14 day system outbreak.

although liliput's doors are never closed, they are always wide open to all those who consciously and with all their senses wander openly through our beautiful world. life on a sailboat is subject to very specific requirements and is definitely not for most. maximum closeness to nature and unlimited freedom demand their price but all we know would not want to exchange this lifestyle to any other in this world anymore. liveaboard sailing redefines luxury. such a journey will be more intense than any you have ever experienced before. it takes on a physical level but returns twice on all other levels. much will be hard for you to describe in the beginning, but may mean entering a whole new fantastic world, a new level of yourself. are you ready to stretch your mind and shift your value system?

project liliput is for all those who always wanted to know..

come, sail & live with us and become part of the liliput community ..!?

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