more than sailing

Updated: Jan 7

[DEUTSCHE VERSION NACHFOLGEND] To the day just one year ago I successfully completed my sailing instructor training. However, in the 6 months of intensive training, I have not only developed my maritime skills. In cooperation and in dozens of personal conversations with my students, especially short after completing their training, I found out quite interesting things about sailing.

„When you learn to sail you not only learn to sail!“ It offers you hands-on learning with a wider purpose. It gains an ocean full of perspective and skills. Lifelines that will be ever in reach as a helping tool to navigate you successfully thru life & especially thru difficulties.

Learning sailing, more than anything else, will expand your “I CAN DO THIS!” belief beyond the set of things you had previously used to define your abilities and worth. The lessons learned with a team on the water in a sailboat, no matter what your age, are transformative. Many times in my trainings i experienced it and so I personally guarantee & warn you: Sailing will built an “I WANT (TO TRY) IT” mindset, that wasn’t there before.

1. Teamwork and Leadership

Sailing a proper sailing yacht is teamwork and on every sailing boat roles rotate. The skipper sets direction and the crew understands & executes their respective jobs of hoist, adjust & drop sails, tacking & jibing, planning, navigating & maneuvering. Learning how to effectively communicate as a leader and how to be a good team member are lessons learned on the water that can’t be overstated. There`s no better place than „sitting in the same boat“ to make people working together and to create a strong and motivated team.

2. Self-reliance

Working as a team on a boat is an effective, as it`s also a critical component of sailing, but it`s definitely a great opportunity for you to learn (even by beginners mistake) and develop every single necessary part of sailing a yacht. As with any new skill, getting it right may take some time. But as these skills grow, you will learn to sail and steer your own boat, skipper a team or even one day, teaching others. The realization that through trial and error and with supported coaching you are able to learn something completely new builds a strong foundation of self-reliance.

3. Planning & Organizing

Nothing is more important in sailing than planning and organizing your Trip, because it`s about your and your crews personal safety. Wind (strength, direction & possible changes) weather, provisions, course, passengers and many other things need all time your full attention during the trip but it starts already long before you even lift the anchor. The advantage every time is with the one who is prepared, not only on a sailing yacht.

4. Facing your Challenges

Sometimes, suddenly wind dies completely, sometimes it`s picking up, sometimes even to much. Rain happens, things occasionally break. Staying cool & having patience is a necessity. Things don’t always go as planned, even if your plans are still so good. That is in sailing as it`s in life. Learning coping skills to work through unexpected curve-balls and cultivating the ability to adapt and thrive regardless of the circumstances is possibly one of the most precious lesson you can learn in sailing.