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Project SailLiliput - The Patreon Family

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

project SailLiliput is not even 1 year old. we left our old lifes, our friends & families already 4 (bert) & 3 (elena) years ago. as some of the stay behinds are quite interested in our new nomadic lifestyle, our everyday adventures & exotic activities but beside all the boat- and online work its just impossible to inform everyone individual, we started making our videos and keeping our family & friends posted by additional regular updates by private v-logs & blogs. we share our thoughts, our concerns, our plans & fears about our new lifestyle and inform them exclusive, since a while already, over the Patreon platform.

many new people contacted us already over our social media channels where we make our project public with the main intension to inspire & motivate potential people to follow us and fight for their personal dreams & desires. many are just frustrated envy trolls but some are really nice & after a while of conversation, they become good acquaintances, companions, kind of virtual friends and we really hope that our paths cross with some of them one day in person - because inspiration at its best is a dialogue & best conversations happen to us during enjoying a good bottle of red wine, watching a nice sunset save on anchor behind a remote island far away from hectic, stress & noise of nowadays civilization.

in exchange, our patrons get exclusive access to:

  • family, friends & supporters versions of our videos.

  • first hand informations to all our ideas & plans by e-mail.

  • additional personal statements & updates (v-logs & blogs)

  • private photos from our trips and the explored remote islands what we do not share with public to avoid the interest of mass tourism.

  • elena`s cooking videos & her „how to cook on a boat“ cooking e-book.

  • we send YOU a personal post card from far far away.

  • we will make you member of the project liliput supporters hall of fame.

  • you can get personal life chats & video calls with the SailLiliput Crew &

  • special offers to come to sail & train with us &

  • participate from exclusive for the SailLiliput community with the sailing & diving industry negotiated discounts & save a lot of money.

check out our philosophy on and if you feel addressed, come have a closer look. get motivated. get inspired. become part of the project, member of the family and hopefully one day, hoist the sails with us together..!?

how to become a patron:

or buy us a coffee and keep us motivated to keep Project Liliput afloat:

Buy us a Coffee:

!BUT! not only financial support helps to keep us going. giving a “thumbs up”, leaving a comment or sharing a post also helps & motivates us a lot and does not costs you anything..!? #THANKYOU


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