sail into monsoon

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

or our first sailing trip after lock-down

we postponed this trip as far as possible, but many things must have been done sooner or later, so a few days ago we put the sails up, untied the mooring, that hold our home Liliput for almost 4 months, and left our already beloved bay.

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working hands

day 01

the forecast promised not much wind but we need anyway start our journey. I have to admit, koh lipe took my heart and it wasn't easy watching this little green oasis getting smaller and smaller with every mile.

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on the way

the weather have been stable during the whole trip.

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those colors!
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mr G

after planned 8 hours of sailing we safely arrived at another island, having five stars in our inside list.

thailand, koh rok, sailing in thailand, yachting in thailand, sail liliput, remote island
koh rok

on the way SailorBert caught a small tuna and I had the opportunity to try a new peruan dressing for baking the fish.

sailing in thailand, yachting on phuket, baking fish, fishing, how to cook tuna
delicious diner with the view

diner was ready just before the sunset, we opened a bottle of red wine and had another great night with the spectacular view.

sunset, amazing sunset, sunset in thailand, sail liliput, sailing channel, sailing vlog 2020
that's why we love this place

day 02

the night was horrible and stormy. none of us could sleep. bert stood up earlier and without waking me up, started the engines, I guess it was around 7 a.m. with the average speed of 6 knots we should arrive on phuket before sunset, roughly saying in 10 hours.

but just after we sailed around the island and went into the open sea, we realised that we won’t make it today.

the front wind picked up to 18 knots and 2 meters waves made us to turn back.

but something interesting happened just after we changed the course… maybe first time I realised that our boat is a performing beauty: we literally were surfing on the waves that gently push  us from the back, elegantly tacking from the right to the left…

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