sailing channel - WHY?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

on the fast, only 2 reasons come into my mind:



please write me if no one of this 2 main reasons applies to you. i am always very interested to expand my imagination & knowledge.

filming, creating, editing & designing every single episode of a sailing v-log takes weeks of work. additional, you have to learn and constant develop your knowledge & experience about how to create an always interesting & entertaining video for your audience. you need to know all about the technical equipment (hard & software) plus, you need to invest a few thousand dollars in the equipment: main camera, additional waterproof action cam, external microphone, laptop, editing software, batteries, data storage, tripod & online courses etc.


if you count yourself to GROUP 1: totally excited to finish another piece of your creative video art work you will directly upload the new episode on your youtube sailing channel and invest 25 US$ in google adverts to get many views plus new followers as reward for your time & money investment. additional you will share the video link on your facebook s.v.-sailing page and in the facebook sailing channel groups and spend another 25 US$ in additional advertisement and hope for even more viewers to klick on the posted video link plus many new subscribers who just newly found you and gonna follow you from now on to get more & more interesting entertainment absolutely for free & maybe, maybe one day you will even reach the 1 million subscribers club, get mentioned in a facebook sailing channel group and reach to be official named famous. but what about the financial return for your work, for your investment in equipment and what about to get rich? oh sorry, you only want to get famous.. but anyway, let`s see how to get rich with sailing videos..!?

if you count yourself to GROUP 2: if you also go „the famous way“ you gonna need round 50.000 views on your video and as your government also wants to earn a bit, better get 75.000 views to get your invested 50 US$ plus tax to pay back. that means: to reach the return on invest of zero, what is only your invested money in adverts. no return on invest of your working hours, your equipment invest or any profit to pay for a living and running the boat - and there`s definitely nothing left for additional saving to become rich one day.


after becoming or already on your way to be famous, you can start a patreons channel and hope for some really rare fans who understand your situation, sympathize with you and support your project with a small monthly fee - but as nothing is for free, you need