SAILING from PHUKET to KOH LIPE - do YOU wanna join our flotilla!?

mid december S.V. Liliput and 3 other liveaboard catamarans are going to sail from PHUKET to KOH LIPE, tarutao national park, thailands oldest. if you are interested to join our trip, let us know by e-mail ( who YOU are, why YOU should be aboard with us and how YOU would enrich our group of already 11 people.

! ! ! FYI: this trip is no commercial trip. it is not possible to buy in ! ! !

(if you are interesting to book such kind of trip (FYI: it starts at round 5K USD) let us know, we can recommend you the qualified & trustworthy trip operators on phuket)

the sailing trip: (depends on wind & weather)

day 1 we`ll go to koh racha, stay there over night (2 hours sailing) day 2 we`ll sail to koh rok (one of our favorite island in the andaman sea - 9 hours sailing) we plan to stay there for 2, maybe 3 nights, do some kayaking, diving, snorkeling & definitely having a beach BBQ. day 4/5 we`ll sail to koh lipe (7 hours sailing) drop the anchor and enjoy our favorite island in the exotic andaman sea.

why are we doing this?

we just love to meet new, interesting, inspiring & extraordinary people:

a bit about us: - check out our V-Log & Blog to get to know us a bit & if you like us, our philosophy & what we are doing and you would love to sail with us, we look forward to hear from YOU..

some pics from our last trip:

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Our V-Log:

My Mission: "Water is my element. I feel good there. This is why i sail and dive. Seeing plastic and garbage littered throughout the oceans of the world and marine animals dying due to pollution, deeply affects me and hurts my soul. That is why my mission will be to organize BEACH CLEAN UP`s and spread awareness across the World, along my journey, wherever necessary and however possible" SailorBert

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