sailing is like to marry - same expensive..!?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

1.050 US$ for a 3 x 6 meter tailor made sunsail from european marine outdoor fabric was the highest offer from, of course the biggest international and operated by foreigners sails & upholstery company on the island. the number two, by company size and offer was 700 US$ and the local thai-company who finally got my order charged me 450 US$. the explanation and communication took indeed a bit longer but with my meanwhile gained experience about how thing going in thailand i`ve been well prepared before my visit: i have drawn an accurate sketch and calculated at least 45 minutes for explanation and double checked if they have understand everything and the yesterday, just 3 days after my placed order, picked up result has proofed, everything done right.

2,5 years ago, just when we BoughtOurCatamaran S.V. Liliput and before starting the FullRefitProject (in just 60 days) i had zero experience about sailing boats besides the sailing. never before in my life i was forced to climb a steeper learning curve - unfortunately the steps of gaining boat experience could have been build from pure gold and brought us meantime in some serious existential positions but waiting any longer and maybe kill our dream by the usual german overthinking never was an option for us and as today we are still afloat… ;- )))

before my 1st self made engine service (according to a YouYube tutorial) i have spend around 1 week to figure out what are the right parts i`m gonna need and where in the current area to get them. at this point i had no clue about oil & diesel filters, i had to learn the meaning of the numbers and letters printed on the machine oil cans in the shop and which one is the right one to keep S.V. Liliput`s engines running smooth and i had absolutely no idea about the legit prices for any boat parts at this time. for the first marine oil filter i ever bought in my life i paid 10 US $. today i know where to get 5 absolute identical in construction „car“ oil filters for 10 US $ and if one day the just 150 miles away tax free island of langkawi (malaysia) is gonna be open for sailboats again, i will even get 10 for 10 US $.

for many yachtclub-yachties a boat is just another toy to show their status and this guys don`t give much about a hundred more or less which of course attracts a lot of hustlers to the yachting business - especially at places where many blue water sailors come and go. the quality of the work by an experienced professional same like high quality parts of course have its price and on a boat everything is exposed to the worse possible conditions like sun, fun, salt & wind but as soon something is marked with the word marine you should better let taking over your brain, think twice, compare and double check the value for money. it is quite difficult to separate the greedy rip-offs from the established craftsman of good quality and service but with every experience, the positive and the negative ones you (should) learn something out of it and experience you can only gain by trying - but good preparation and experience (even its just some tips from strangers) gonna grant you definitely more positive experiences than negative ones.

20 years of sales and marketing experience weren`t the best background (from a technical perspective) and a big help when i entered the circle of livaboard boat owners but as elena & i both love to learn & experience new things, we brave & even excited took the challenge to dive into complete new, to us back then, totally unknown waters. unfortunately they are full of greedy sharks and for the both of us it was definitely the biggest and most intense project so far we have ever faced but against all odds, we are afloat and still on our way and today quite grateful for the most experiences we`ve made and the new things we`ve seen so far and especially the many amazing things who are laying in front of us, for which we are ready and and a little bit better prepared now..

once, in another life, still inside the matrix, i was married and you should have seen the face of the jewelry craftsman who, after already told us his final price, tailor made our „friendship rings“ when he figured out that in fact they are going to starring in our soon coming up wedding ceremony..

.. well, life is full of pattern, not only in marriage and sailing. making a mistake once is a mistake. making the same mistake twice, it`s nothing but stupidity..!?

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