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SailorBert`s LifeHacks for BoatOwners & LiveAboardSailors

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

as a perfectionist it`s in my nature to always optimize things until i find the very best possible solution. after 2 years living aboard S.V. LILIPUT, with this list i want to share with you my so far discovered gadgets what makes my liveaboard-life easier and the work need to be done on a boat, more efficient.

!! no affiliate marketing links or shop recommendation are connected to the following products so you have to do your own work to find them. i don`t like only economical motivated advertisement and will always only recommend what i really like & use and no money offer ever could influence this. FYI: i`m always eager to discover new products and tips who can make my liveaboard-life easier & maybe even nicer and saves me precious time to enjoy even more of the island cruising sailing lifestyle..

this list will continue to be updated and i am happy to receive your personal tips and favorite life hacks for an easier life & better time aboard a boat. i will check and try them out and add it to my list if they are a better solution for me than my current best way to do it. i`m sure there is a lot of yachting wisdom out there, please bring it on..!! - - -

Bottom Cleaning:

these are my favorite tools for cleaning my copper coated hulls and props every 2-3 weeks:

Cleaning Surfaces:

on S.V. Liliput we only use 2 cleaning products for all surfaces, indoor & outdoor:


fire, water & of course, coffee is all we need to make a strong, aromatic coffee with our bialetti coffee cooker: (even you use a coffee machine, you should always have one on board as a back up)


silence is after efficiency the most important feature of a fan. we made the mistake to buy one fan of the well known market leader for marine fans and were shocked by what they call silent. for 20% of the price and after trying various fans, we finally found our favorite: the xiaomi uarelife fan. its usb/ lithium battery powered with enough energy capacity for a whole night running and its collapsible & portable.


solar powered outdoor (garden)lights are cheap, light & robust. daily charged by the sun for free during the day and during the night we can see better outside and the outside can see us better:

Protects Metals:

for all metals against rust, corrosion and for lubricant: lanolin

Protects You(r Hands):

use gloves. higher protection for your hands (heavy work with ropes or land a big fish) lower time needed to clean them up (oil, grease, epoxy, paint)

Rust: nettinox, gel rust remover for stainless steel. put it with a brush direct on the rusted surface. wait 15 minutes and polish the spots with a piece of fabric. repeat it after polishing if not all rust is completely vanished, it definitely will.

Speakers & Headphones:

there is always music playing on S.V. Liliput. even we have a working hifi system on board, what we never ever used because we prefer mobile gadgets and we want the best possible sound. this ist the two types of bluetooth speakers we use atm:


bose soundlink mini 2 (my favourite but recently broken (corrosion) after 7 years of travelling and unfortunately its not available in thailand - at least not the original)

anker soundcoremotion+ (temporarty substitution for the bose soundlink until some friend travelling to thailand will bring me a new one from europe)

outdoor: marshall, kilburn 2

private: anker soundcore liberty air 2

General Facts:

if it contains „marine“ in its name it`s maybe more suitable for boating but one thing for sure is guaranteed: it`s at lest 5 times pricier than similar other products. many car parts like engine maintenance parts are similar to boat engines. a cleaner who cleans bathrooms and kitchens will also work well on a boat. ask other, more experienced sailors how they do it and learn from their experience without investing your time for a solid solution already exists just one boat further.

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My Mission: "Water is my element. I feel good there. This is why i sail and dive. Seeing plastic and garbage littered throughout the oceans of the world and marine animals dying due to pollution, deeply affects me and hurts my soul. That is why my mission will be to organize BEACH CLEAN UP`s and spread awareness across the World, along my journey, wherever necessary and however possible" SailorBert

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