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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

#sailing_is… …sharing your passion with friends.

the greatest advantage of living by the sea today is a priceless possibility to travel, even just within one country. last week a couple of our friends made a long way from the other side of thailand to go sailing with us. we spent only 4 days on liliput but have managed to make soooo many things that others would need at least a month.

we went to our favourite hidden naked beach and haven’t made any good photo but saw an amazing sunset.

we went diving with 1,5m barracudas and beautiful soft corrals, though the current of 1,5 knots was quite challenging.

we sailed to the remote island, we saw huge fishes easily jumping up while hunting the food, we went by kayaks to the mangrove woods, swam in the clearest turquoise water, enjoyed being alone on a private beach (again and again) and every night cooked together.

i cooked the biggest pile of pancakes for b-day breakfast and had a private lesson on how to fly a drone from a pro.

on our last night, we went celebrating ashore and it was difficult to say goodbye as our together time was just awesome! we’re already looking forward to catching up again!


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