the >TOP 3< hidden benefits & the >TOP 3< awful things of LIVING ABOARD a SAILBOAT

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

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the way to make your live-aboard dream come true is a long, a hard & a very expensive one. believe me. during the last year i went thru all it takes. from the raw idea until enjoying the 1st picture postcard sunset, anchoring in front of a beautiful island, with a cold rum-cocktail in my hand.

following the things i hated most but also the top 3 reasons, why i never gave up my dream & why YOU should never give up either:

bye bye money

my savings are gone. even more worse, i have huge debts now. never underestimate the costs in yachting! never believe the so called professionals! from a small problem can rise a never ending money eating monster-issues, especially when you are a beginner and have no knowledge in electronics, plumbing, carpentry work, mechanics and no yachting experience either.

7 days a week has

.. and you will spend every single one for your boat. physically and especially mentally it will dominate you totally from early morning till late night & follow you even into & totally dominate your dreams. if you have fixed one problem from your never ending boat to-do-list, two new ones will appear. it`s kinda law or is it a curse!? - believe me or not - but you`ll experience it by yourself early enough anyway ;-)

full pressure

all of your time, all of your money, all of your hope & dreams are into this project. if you fail, if you get ill, if you run out of money, you will loose everything invested! there`s anyway no time for doubts. go every day at full throttle and never loose your target out of sight.

silence & privacy

especially in 24/7 loud south-east asia, where we used to live the last 3 years, latest after a while, you will miss the silence and remote places far away from the negative vibe of surrounding people. its a good, more & more difficult to find on land. just one mile away from the coast you drop your anchor at the place of your choice, stay at your own free chosen space, as long as you want & your home is always with you. equipped with all the amenities you need, want or can afford. that's the highest feeling of freedom, at least i can imagine.


stay. go. (or never) come back. its your choice only. wind, weather, streams & seasons may have some influence on your route but in general, you have now full access to the blue side, which is not less than 73% of this planet. this includes places many thousand miles away from civilization. are you brave enough to go there? try to imagine this without getting excited.

magic nature:

the power of nature makes you humble. wind, waves, rain & sun are very powerful elements & you live now beneath them. it takes much. it gives you back even more. believe me, no cup of coffee on land can compare to sitting on the bow with your first cup of hot home brewed as you watch a sunrise. no glass of wine tastes quite as good as the one on the aft deck when the sun sinks into the ocean and a colour explosion covers the horizon - every time in completely new colours and patterns. no moon is as impressive as a full moon far away from ashore during a night passage which beam catches the tops of the waves and sparkles like diamonds on the sea. and latest when the first dolphins swim next to the bow of your boat with you, you will be sure 100% that it was it all worth, all the pain & all the suffering..!

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