time to move

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

both, elena & me are quite loyal people and once we made a decision we stay on course and work hard to achieve the set goal. we are definitely not the kind of people who give up easily but we also know when it`s enough..!

15 months ago, proud, excited & full of enthusiasm, we started our sailing channel SailLiliput on YouTube. during this time elena produced 11 videos about our story and how we became liveaboard sailors - from a raw, crazy idea to buy and live on a sailing boat until the first picture postcard sunset on the trampoline of our catamaran liliput, just the two of us, on a remote island, far away from crazy, hectic & loud civilization. with sharing our story we want to introduce & inspire potential people into this extraordinary lifestyle. never ever any single step on our was was easy to take but finally we made it. it is possible! - even with no experience, with no knowledge about boats and against all odds. if you can dream it, you can make it..!

with video no. 5 we already reached the monetization status on YT. (that means, you got 1.000 subscriber on your channel, 4.000 hours watchtime and YT started to advertise on our channel from what we participated financially) there was no day during this time, elena did not work on our channel. online study how to film & edit videos. finding the right equipment, the right techniques, the right music and how to avoid making any mistakes about all the countless complicated regulations from YT and about copyrights, media and online laws.

4 months ago, with no warning and out of nothing, YT cancelled our monetization status. all we got as explanation was a impersonal e-mail with a dozen of possible reasons which no one we find ourself guilty to have violated it. over weeks we tried everything to get in touch with YT. there is absolute no chance to reach any one of them. no personal hotline either telephone nor e-mail. if you write them over the contact button, only thing you get is an automatic generated e-mail answer with absolute no content, no reference nor offered help or any options.

3.348 subscriber and (due to YT policy they cash out when you reach 100 US$) 86,01 US$ ist the status & balance of our YT account after 15 months of daily work and what we are forced to leave behind because we have a ambitious goal to reach (our sailing channel is only one pillar of our greater plan) and have finally just decided 4 months being completely ignored from YT is disrespect & wasted time enough..!!

BYE BYE #YouTube.


how to set up the Vimeo account, what was our first impressions and how it`s all working out, elena will share her experiences in another soon following blog article.

here you can find our Vimeo Sailing Channel:  https://vimeo.com/sailliliput/vod_pages