tour to a hidden emerald cave

Updated: Jan 7

The other week we made a little tour around a few islands on the south of the west coast of Thailand. One of our desire was visiting a very touristic and famous before and completely quite and abandoned nowadays island Koh Mook with only local fishermen/ farmers community living there. The local community is very friendly and has been settled on the island for a few generations. Currently there must be 300-400 families living there. Most of them are farmers (with rubber and coconut plantations) and fishermen.

Our target was to find and explore the highlight of this rocky island - a very famous Emerald Cave (aka Tham Morakot in Thai language). Rumour has it that it was here at Emerald Cave where pirates used to hide their treasure. The place was known only a few decades ago, accidently found by locals searching for edible bird’s nests (a delicacy in Chinese cuisine).

The cave is only accessible by sea through a 80 meters long dark tunnel that you can cross by swimming or kayaking. We decided to go by kayaks:

The emerald-green colour is created by sunlight filtering through the water and this is why it was named Emerald Cave.
after 5 minutes of silent kayaking through the rock in total darkness
the entrance to the beach that is available only between the tides
sailing crew, male part