S1:E5 // we bought a boat!

Updated: 4 days ago

budget here in SE Asia was quite a challenge), reviewing a few boats, we finally found & bought it - our absolutely dream boat. watch the whole process from the haul out for making a survey over the final price negotiations until signing the sales contract - check out episode 05 & don`t forget to leave your e-mail address and get informed about all our future uploads!

If you ask us, was it really necessary to make a survey – for the beginners we are and the sum of money what it is about to spend, we truly believe it is a must-do thing. for most of people, buying a boat will be a once in a life time experience and you do not want to invest your hard earned savings into a “Cat in the Bag”. plus, for getting coverage from an insurance, you’ll need an official surveyor report. And as all our money is here in the game, we decided to pay even 2.250 €/ year for the full insurance coverage.

a few tips how to choose your surveyor:

  1. RECOMMENDATIONS. ask friends, friends of your friends and everyone you know, who is more or less involved in yachting. make research in the internet, leave questions at the professional forums. Try to reach as much contacts as you can.

  2. REVIEWS. check one by one every name. google them in order to find real impressions of real people, who have experience working with them.

  3. PERSONAL OPINION. after choosing a few persons, meet everyone, spend a couple of hours, asking questions and get your personal opinion. trust your intuitions and make a choice. that was our way and it finally worked out well for us!

Following the numbers:

Haul Out/ Lift Back 400 US $

Surveyor Inspection + Report 1.200 US $