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6 years ago i dropped out of my old life, my daily routine, my grown habits and became a nomad, a vagabond, a world traveller. since 3 years now elena, guliver and i live full time on and travel by.the.wind on S.V. LILIPUT - our home, our catamaran, our only & entire possession.

during my last 6 years of traveling i`ve met more people than during my entire time before and not only the amount of quantity was better than before. even interesting & definitive extraordinary, of course not everyone i`ve bumped into on my way was a lovely angel but travelers have a lot of extraordinary similarities, are openminded old & rare souls and often, after just a few minutes you have the feeling you know each other since an eternity. nonetheless, every traveller somehow is on his own, personal journey (physically & mentally) so rarely you get the chance to hang with your new friends for more than a few but definitely intense days. as in general, you always should go on at the peak, in most cases that`s just perfect but sometimes i wished to have some of this amazing & inspiring people around for a bit longer..

living on a boat gives us access to many deserted, exotic islands (we sail in se-asia) and the more time we spend away from the current negative mindset mood-circus of greed, frustration, stress & anxiety, the more we miss it & want to go back to one of our little paradises already after a few days we arrive back in the infrastructure for reprovisioning, going to a bar, a restaurant, a coffeplace and meeting our friends. living the sailing liveaboard lifestyle and working online gives us the freedom and flexibility to use all the available options how & whenever we want - and even we really enjoy our privacy and are totally satisfied with the company of our small family only, sometimes it would be nice to have more same minded souls around.

everything in life comes with a price. everything has 2 sides but most people nowadays share & (want to)see only the insta-side of it. also our „perfect“ life contains happy & sad moments - especially when it`s about people. due to covid many sailors had to give up their sailing plans. there are still many, since 2 years parked boats around and it hurts to see them forfeited but slowly, more & more people also come back to continue their adventure. the more the global travel restrictions ease the more new liveaboard sailboats come into the area but also many go on and leave the country. some of them we`ll see again as we also plan to move on soon, many, quite sure & sadly we will never see again.

even we live the same lifestyle, different people, different interests. some people, because on a tight money & time budget to circumnavigate the planet just rush thru everywhere. others use their boat like a house, stay always at the same spot and are not really interested to explore new places - even the next amazing island is just half a daysail away. retired couples have other interests and possibilities than young single sailors or families with kids or/ and animals on board.

end of the year S.V. LlLIPUT will set sails to a new country, to a new infrastructural base & to more than 17.000 new islands to explore - some call it the last paradise. two other sailboat crews with a similar liveaboard philosophy plan to sail with us - so far.. (and 3 are already there) ..let`s see what the next few months of south-west winds blow into our lifes until the wind turns stable back to nort-east again and we can set course & sails and finally leave thailand for some new adventures. hopefully we`ll meet more lovely sailors who gonna stay around for a bit longer than usual, maybe some who will even going to join us on our planned journey and maybe even some interesting interested people who come live, sail, dive & explore with us on S.V. LILIPUT - our guest hull did not accommodate any guests since almost 1 year.. ;-(

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My Mission: "Water is my element. I feel good there. This is why i sail and dive. Seeing plastic and garbage littered throughout the oceans of the world and marine animals dying due to pollution, deeply affects me and hurts my soul. That is why my mission will be to organize BEACH CLEAN UP`s and spread awareness across the World, along my journey, wherever necessary and however possible" SailorBert

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