what is preventing you from living your (sailing) dream?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

like every one else, YOU are the center of YOUR life and (should! be) the only architect as well. but you are surrounded by so many things what makes you feel: „i would love to but i can not, because..“

you have a job. promises & projects you need to fulfill. you have bills to pay, probably even depts. you have to take care of your parents, your property, your possessions or collection of whatever. you are responsible for your wife & kids & love all your old friends and kind of enjoy the weekly, monthly or yearly repeating rituals. but ever since you do have this one dream, this one desire, don`t you..!?

welcome in a quite big club. this description may fits to at least 95% of the 1st, 2nd and probably even 3rd world people.

your dream is not contemporary all the time but sometimes it pops up, remind you, disturb you, make you even suffering and questioning your whole today life and your so far reached status. you try to calm your dream down and satisfy it by feeding it with the only adventures you are able to experience in your rare free time for yourself. virtual adventures. you read books from adventurer. your favorite movie genre is action, science fiction & adventure and you follow all the people you can find in social media who live their, or was it YOUR, dream!?

.. and as longer you use this kind of painkiller to numb your desire, your passion decline. your youthful easiness stumble. only your fear to step out of your comfort zone rises.

but why were THEY able to make THEIR dream come true?

do you think it was more easy for them to change their life, than it would be for you? do you really think, they never suffered on the same „i can not, because..“ point, where you are right now..!?

first of all, internalize the following fact:

„anything is possible for those with a dream, a plan and the determination to make it happen, no matter what!!“

i`m one of this few people who live it`s own, quite unusual life and during the last 4 years, since i have made free myself from the matrix and during my following world travel, i met hundreds of people coming out straight from the same modern voluntary slavery. they have been caught by the same responsibilities, were facing the same challenges. had to serve the same kind of demands from every where around.

one day they just had enough. started searching for the solution, what is no secret btw. they started thinking. started making a plan and execute the necessary decisions and i have never! ever heard from any single of these free awaken people: „i regret what i have done“

so, are you ready to act, ready to make the necessary decisions or have you still not been suffering enough !??

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