what you need to know when you're invited to someone's boat for the very 1st time.

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

LUCKY YOU..!!! - your new friend owns a sailing or power boat, maybe even live aboard full time and has invited you for a day or even an over-night trip but you have never been on a private yacht before and don`t want to make any mistake..!? considerate the following 7 tips, leave a perfect first impression and quite sure, your first invitation won`t keep the last:

1. bring all you need.

sun protection, towels, snorkeling gear, even your own drinking water. it will impress your host and mark you as an independent and thoughtful guest. (using a reusable water bottle shows your environmental awareness and does not produce any garbage)

2. bring a gift

show your gratitude & respect by bringing a small gift. choose something useful. a good bottle of wine or rum will never bee wrong. and if there is a couple or family living on the boat, don`t forget any of them.

3. bring food and drink

even all is in, bring something for sharing. a pack of beer. a bottle of wine, and you definitely gonna be loved for a tasty homemade dessert.

4. use the resources conscious.

water, electricity and fuel don`t grow aboard for free. they need to get bought & brought there or need to get produced on board. it requires a lot of work and efforts or very expensive equipment to provide them. load your electronic devices before. bring your power-pack. turn of lights when you don`t need them. use only the amount of water for showering you really need. definitely keep the hair care treatment for at home..

5. help and support.

you are the guest but on a sailing trip a lot of work is to be done plus, someone is responsible for the boat, the weather, the security and the guests. don`t behave like a tourist. support and become part of the team and maybe you`ll even love it..

6. salt is the enemy

if you go for a swim, and you will, stay in the salt zones. before you go inside, rinse and change. salty things never get dry again and need to be professional cleaned. (efforts & costs)

pro tip:

if you want to really impress your host. take some of the during the trip produced garbage with you and recycle it. easy effort for you with a big impression on your new friend.

if your boat owner friends invite you to their boat, they invite you because of you. they want to have good company, fun and enjoy some nice time with nice people. they are ok to do the efforts this trip requires. become part of the team, share the efforts, support the crew as much as possible and enjoy an unforgettable private cruising day together with your new nice friends on a boat sailing to an island, chilling in a bay on anchor not many people are easy able to go there..

..if you expect only being serviced and entertained the whole day, better book (and pay for) one of the public offered touristic boat trips in the harbour and prevent the disappointment to all of you..

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