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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

maybe you heard what YouTube did to our sailing channel after one year of growing a beautiful audience there:

as our video blog is still very important to us, (read here why:

just recently, after 7 months of cutting us off YouTube re-monetized us, again out of nothing with no notification or any information nor reaction on our dozens of e-mail requests. from our YouTube followers we got so many messages within the last months not releasing any new episodes, but we also made quite interesting experiences with our forced-to-try Plan_B (Vimeo & Patreon) - so this is our new v-log strategy:


- watch all episodes or free - except the latest season (6 v-logs) - lower quality - you pay by being forced to watch disturbing advertisement

Vimeo: - our work, your entertainment costs you a little bit + all our videos available in hot deal complete season packages + highest video streaming quality + no disturbing advertisement & YOU keep us running producing more entertaining videos for YOU!

Patreon: - our work, your entertainment cost you a little bit + all of our videos available for each of our patrons + highest quality (Vimeo) + no disturbing advertisement & YOU become part of the family and get access to many additional internal content & latest informations exclusive provided for our closest friends, family and highly appreciated #SailLiliputProject supporters & YOU keep us running producing more entertaining & inspiring videos for YOU!

GETTING $$$ OR FAMOUS ? what is your target running your sailing channel/ v-log ?

we founded a free Facebook group for creative people who are interested in an alternative way to monetize their sailing video art work: let us work together and change the exploitative system where we content creators work, the user consume for free but being forced watching advertisements what destroys our art and only the big companies earn real dollars..!?

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Our V-Log:

My Mission:

"Water is my element. I feel good there. This is why i sail and dive. Seeing plastic and garbage littered throughout the oceans of the world and marine animals dying due to pollution, deeply affects me and hurts my soul. That is why my mission will be to organize BEACH CLEAN UP`s and spread awareness across the World, along my journey, wherever necessary and however possible" SailorBert

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Not only financial support helps to keep me going. Giving a “Thumbs Up”, leaving a Comment or sharing a Post also helps & motivates me a lot and does not costs you anything..!? #THANKYOU


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