Updated: Jan 7

maybe you heard what YouTube did to our sailing channel after one year of growing a beautiful audience there: https://sailliliput.com/post/time-to-move

as our video blog is still very important to us, (read here why: https://sailliliput.com/post/for-free)

just recently, after 7 months of cutting us off YouTube re-monetized us, again out of nothing with no notification or any information nor reaction on our dozens of e-mail requests. from our YouTube followers we got so many messages within the last months not releasing any new episodes, but we also made quite interesting experiences with our forced-to-try Plan_B (Vimeo & Patreon) - so this is our new v-log strategy:


- watch all episodes or free - except the latest season (6 v-logs) - lower quality - you pay by being forced to watch disturbing advertisement


Vimeo: - our work, your entertainment costs you a little bit + all our videos available in hot deal complete season packages + highest video streaming quality + no disturbing advertisement & YOU keep us running producing more entertaining videos for YOU!


Patreon: - our work, your entertainment cost you a little bit + all of our videos available for each of our patrons + highest quality (Vimeo) + no disturbing advertisement & YOU become part of the family and get access to many additional internal content & latest informations exclusive provided for our closest friends, family and highly appreciated #SailLiliputProject supporters & YOU keep us running producing more entertaining & inspiring videos for YOU!


GETTING $$$ OR FAMOUS ? what is your target running your sailing channel/ v-log ?